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Wedding Photography Packages

Some of the words that have been used to describe the wedding stories we make – and like all art, it’s value grows over time. All our packages are custom-built, and are firmly rooted in the way you’ve planned your wedding. The sky is the limit – and if you’ve dreamt it – we’ll make it happen

Budgeting for wedding photography and cinematography depends on the size and type of your wedding. Broadly, an investment in your wedding memories will start from INR 2 lac per day onwards. A two day wedding could cost you anywhere between 3 – 15 lakh, depending on how much (or how little) you want. For a more definitive estimate, and to get more details of the options available to include in your wedding package

Why isn’t there a standard rate?

Wedding “packages” are very cut and dry – and limit the things we can do for you. We prefer to hear you talk about what you’re planning for your big day – and be able to use that to create a budget for you that is realistic, and gives you everything you’re looking for!

Day wise fees, not hourly.

Wedding photography prices are built based on the number of days that you need us to be there for you. We do NOT charge by the hour or have a limited number of hours that we shoot in a day. Over the years, we know that weddings don’t run as per a schedule and it’s hard to limit the number of hours a photographer can make himself or herself available to the bride and groom. We will be available to you as long as you need us during your special day. Of course, photography requires creativity – so we’ll need to work out a shooting schedule that is realistic.